5th March 2018 

We provide you with the expertise and confidence to start expressing yourself through music production. Using the state-of-the-art computer software Ableton Live, our instructor will have students working on composing their very own song throughout the course. No formal musical training or background in production is necessary.

The course is made up of 8 x 2 hour classes. Each session will introduce a new material which will help further the students’ understanding of both technical and conceptual. Although we focus primarily on Electronic Music, all the theoretical and practical skills learnt can be applied to all other popular musical genres. 

  • Private
    Min. 1 person
  • Regular
    Min. 2 person






    Ableton 101 & Introduction to beat making

    Introducing one of the first step of being a producer which is making beats and getting familiar with the Ableton Live interference and controls


    Introduction to Bass line

    Getting to know how to make a bass line and the basics of groove


    Introduction to chord, and basic chord making, slice & warp

    Making your own chords with Ableton Live built in instruments by drawing notes on the midi board


    Recording in Ableton, session/arrangement view and automation

    Record with real instruments into Ableton Live, understanding the purpose of session view and arrangement view also get to know how to use automation in your song


    Introduction to FX (EQ8,Reverb,Delay,Compressor)

    Polish your sounds with Ableton Live built in effects


    Music arrangement and composition

    Understanding the structure of a song and how to arrange your composition within a song


    Introduction to Mixing & Mastering

    Two of the most important phase of making a song, on this session you will learn how to mix and master your song and understanding the purpose of the two


    Review & Music Business

    A finished song is expected within this session and we will introduce you how to market your song


  • Putra Fadhil (John) - Artificial


    Started producing music from zero with Ableton in his college dorm on late 2012. On 2015 he released his debut single S.A.L is released by Cafe? Del Mar from Ibiza. His main influences ranges from electronica to minimal techno.

  • Kimo Rizky - Kimokal


    Inspired by the nu disco-kingpin Todd Terje, Kimo’s sound is influenced by the sixties and seventies disco with several releases on Paper Recordings (UK), Is It Balearic? (UK) and Catune (JPN). He is also one of the mastermind behind Kimokal as the producer and keyboardist.

Course Room

Our state of the art and intimate class room will transport your inner creativity into reality, equipped with the latest gears and tools you are ready to kick start your own music.

Students / Alumnus

Our digital music course provides an unforgetable experience of hollistic learning about digital music production, be it from our competent lecturers as well as selection of professional tools that you can work on. We believe in keeping a delicate balance between keeping our ears disciplined and also having the balls to break from the normative rules and challenge every possibilities.

We highly regard music-making process as rewarding journey where focus and passion can have an intimate conversation to produce remarkable things, not only you’re given the chance to learn from the experts, but you also get to practice skills with varieties of gears, to be hands on the hardware as much as the software.